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Internal redirects

Perfect to redirect users in same domain range. For example when you change meta title of product set a 301 redirect from old to new one and don't lose SEO ranking.

External redirects

This solution can be used when you move to other domain or when you have products sheets on some external pages. For example you can create redirect from to

All types of popular redirect codes

You can choose one of 3 popular redirect codes

  • 301 Moved Permanently - probably you want to use it in most cases
  • 302 Found - former known as "temporary redirect"
  • 303 See Other

There are no limit in number of redirects. Feel free to add as many as you need to.

Wildcard patterns

Our module supports regular expressions (RegExp in short) so you could create advanced redirects. For example to redirect one product in every attributes variants you can type "/3-[0-9]+-printed-dress/i" and now every attributes link will be matched.

We advice to test all your regexp using some online tool (for example this one:

  • Easy way to avoid 404 Not Found pages
  • Unlimited numbers of URL redirects
  • All possible types of redirect codes - 301, 302 and 303
  • Possible use of regular expressions (wildcard patterns)
  • Module does NOT edit .htaccess or any server configuration files
  • Redirects are made before page rendering (very good and quick performance)
  • Free and fast customer support in case of any problems

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v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.4.0


1.0.0 (18/07/2018)

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